It’s 2011 and whilst in conversation with a friend, I have a random idea. My friend will soon be a father and so I ask him to write about his experiences and expectations.

I can still remember his reaction, the fact that he thought I wouldn’t be interested in reading his random ramblings of excitement or nervousness. Soon enough he sent me a journal style entry detailing his thoughts and feelings pre baby.

Once I had posted his entry online it didn’t take long for me to notice that while men, moreso than women, took from what was read, shared it with friends, and found time to discuss the things highlighted in the post, this was still very much done in private.

It seemed as though the Father’s voice, was yet to fully crawl out of its shell.

I do not believe that Daddy Diaries is the solution to this issue or even the many other that exist around fatherhood but I do believe that it is a starting or building block and serves as a forum to open up the discussion whilst sharing experiences.

6 years on, what started initially as a blog, has grown. Engaging over 2000 readers, and with contributors from London, to as far afield as Texas. The project has developed its own wings and is slowly beginning to fly.

When I started Daddy Diaries in 2011, I was not a father. The desire to start this project stemmed from the turbulent relationship with my own Father.

Fast forward to 2014 and I am now the Father of a beautiful boy. More and more, I find myself re-reading the last six years of entries, and learning. These entries are funny, sad, real! They’re guides for me, and they serve an important purpose.

Our interactive website has been created so that passers by can share stories as well as our main contributors.

If you are a Father/Stepdad/Guardian/Godfather or you really look out for a certain little/big person in your life (related/non related,) we would love for you to share a story/ experience with us. If you have any queries or would like to become a regular contributor, please email us – Hello@thedaddydiaries.org

Please continue to spread the word about The Daddy Diaries and the work we do.

Thank you.

Yomi Sode

The Daddy Diaries


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