3 UP

3 UP

3 UP

We are sat in the hospital car park. It’s a surreal time to be around any hospitals and  my anxieties are in the air knowing Lauren is about to walk into one. We are early and we are waiting in the car. No need to be in there any longer than necessary. I’m quite sure I won’t be allowed in but as the appointment time draws closer I get out of the car and walk with Lauren into reception.

Hospitals are such eerie places right now. Usually they are bustling with people. Now, it’s  just quiet. For want of a better word, lifeless. A receptionist (wearing a face mask) informs us where to go and that only Lauren is allowed to proceed. I watch her walk off and head back to the car.

We found out that Lauren was pregnant a week or so before lockdown kicked in. It wasn’t unplanned, but we hadn’t expected to be experiencing the moment in the midst of panic and uncertainty running throughout the country. Catering to any cravings Lauren has had have not been as easy as before. No Singapore Fried Rice as our local Chinese hasn’t reopened! This has been a nightmare. On a positive though, I have been working from home and around to support the kids which has been lovely.

The 12 week scan is the moment for Dad’s (well me anyway) when it all really becomes real. You know that you have conceived and your partner is beginning to experience changes and that a baby is growing! But you can’t feel any of that, and there is no bump for you to see it. When you go in for the scan you finally get to see it. This is the first part of this new child’s life that you as Dad really get to experience. I was there for every scan with Maya and Rafael but I’m missing this first moment with Strawberry (number 3’s nickname). At first I didn’t feel too bad about not being there. But on reflection I am a little disappointed I wasn’t there. It is what it is. My phone pings and I get the message that all is well and healthy and apparently, Strawberry was very active – moving all over the place and not wanting to be seen. Thankfully, Rafa’s prediction of Twins has not come to fruition! Phew.


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  1. Betsy Eaton

    I love your dad’s diary Ash, please keep it up, great for the kids to see later. Looking forward to reading more. “A” Bxxoxo.

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