A message to my son Jericho,

A message to my son  Jericho,

A message to my son Jericho,

I am a writer of short stories and poetry and I would like to share with you a couple of pieces I wrote about being a father, and special pieces I wrote for my son.

I, my son and his mother are inseparable to an extent, we are a family in the sense that his interests are our most important focus in life.  Myself and my sons mother are no longer together, and haven’t been since 2010.  In 2010 she made a difficult decision to move from north west where we met and where together, for eight years, had our son. We bought our first house just after he was born and had his christening and first birthday there.

Being originally from south east London they moved in with her mother near the Bromley area,  I had a good job as a building surveyor in north west and was also paying the mortgage on my first house so I couldn’t move with them initially.  I understood her needs to move and I have never been angry about that decision, though she made further decisions I didn’t like, we continue to be best friends and partners in raising our son.

It took me a year and one month to change my circumstances, it was very difficult and at many times, I was not sure how much involvement in my sons life I would have, and I knew if i didn’t move to south east, I would not be the father I truly intended to be.

I have now lived in the South East, living in my own place since march 2012 and have no intentions of leaving his side. I am still a surveyor, I still own a house in north west, and I live and work for my son, cherishing the example I set for him, and loving every minute we spend together.

Below is one of many poems I wrote for my son.


A message to my son



There isn’t a minute

That goes by

That I don’t miss being with you

There’s one thousand

Four hundred and forty minutes

In 24hours and,

Many nights I don’t sleep

As I count the seconds

Within those minutes

Eighty six thousand

Four hundred times

My heart beats

In a three dimensional time zone

When you’re not with me and,

Every time

We are together

My heart is compelled

To reset and synchronise itself

To the soliloquy of your voice and,

The beauty within your eyes opens the windows within my soul and,

I swear you can see right through me


I can only aim to convince you

That my temporary absence and regular visits

Are vital to your growth and,

That your growth is vital to my truth and inspiration

I still have plenty to teach you my son

So I hope you don’t see my times of absence as a weakness or

A punishment for something

This is not one of those cliché family break ups

Where hearts are departed at the seam

Mother, father and child is still the holy trinity, and

No matter the vicinity

We will continue to communicate and

Aim for serenity

Nurturing the beauty within you


Your name is Jericho for a reason, and

Not because of the reasons I chose it I believe

Your name was already written in my stars

With a hidden message that no walls must keep us apart

And with the help of God my voice combine with your mothers

Will imitate the trumpets as we circle our lives around your existence


Presently you are our little prince and

You will grow to become the king of all hearts

Moving one square at a time

Though in this chess game your mother is the queen so listen carefully

Because in this monarchy we obey the rules of the queen


I will always be here to guide you

Know that there is nothing you will encounter that I haven’t encountered first, so ask

No matter the question

An answer will surely follow

And very likely raise

More questions

So ask all and everything

For you are


You are the

Ventricles to my heart

The pupil within my iris

And though I can’t physically see you right now

We are forever connected through nerve endings and DNA

So if you hurt yourself

Daddy feels your pain too

And when you laugh daddy is laughing with you

So no matter where I am

We will forever share our lives


By: Joseph Baruwa
Location: London
Twitter: @ivwordthinkin

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