Blakes Dad

Blakes Dad

Blakes Dad

So, with no Mummy, myself and Blake used the time wisely! We had a lay in, both woke up at 9am, looked at each other and smiled. Blake decided he wanted to tackle the stairs himself today but as he has his mums balance I decided to pick, Him, up.

So we made our way downstairs for breakfast, Blake hates eating straight away but for me its a must. I pour cereal with him in my arms as he says “Daddy” and points to the fridge with the biggest grin on his face. We go to the fridge and all he wants me to do is open it so he can close it (he also grabs lemons and walks around the house). We go into the front room and begin to eat. For some reason, he wants to eat from my bowl, its my way to get him eating. Cereal finished, we take it in turns to drink the left over milk and done.

Blake then decided he wanted grapes, so he tells me, his exact words were “urrrhh“. As he grabbed my hand and escorted me back to the fridge, he picks his Thomas DVD, then hands it to me, I’m sure we all know what that means. So after watching Thomas for the unteanth time, we played “tickle monster” and read a book! Before preparing lunch, which was the hardest task to date as Blake (16 mths) must have woke thinking “today I become a man” he would not let me feed him and with the occasional stare off, he won the battle to get on with it.

Fast forward a few dirty nappies and the weather leaving us home bound! Blake is now lying beside me, sleeping!

I never ever thought a little person “my little person” could bring so much joy, he can wake me up at 3am and all it takes is a smile for me to forgive him. Watching him develop over the past 16 months has been incredible, he now has his own little personality and traits of both myself and his mother throughout. “My life means nothing without them both

Now that I have given you a little insight into my life I must rewind to something that happened to me last month. I was at a bar in the city celebrating a friends birthday. As I left, a man came over to me and casually asked me to punch him in the face! Alarmed, I simply said “WHAT?” he repeated!
I said “why would I do that?” He replied “please just do it,” I refused and again asked why.
He told me that he had just lost his baby! My heart sunk as tears fell from his eyes. Immediately I asked where his wife was and when was the baby due, his wife was at home and his baby was due the following week.
I didn’t know what to say, the thoughts started flowing I thought this guy will go home and be reminded constantly, by now he would have had everything set up and hospital bag packed! I said “I’m sorry but I still don’t know why I’m supposed to punch you,” he replied “I need to feel more pain I hate myself.
I told him “what you need to do is go home and be with your wife“.
He then shook my hand and left.

Now I know this is about celebrating our experiences but the above experience allowed me to cherish mine even more. It also got me thinking what if he approached a gang of youths? and how important it is that we lead our kids (the future) down the right paths and be there no matter what!

Anyway that’s it from me for now…

Dads are often at the brunt of negative views when it comes to parenting but we can make a huge difference, please continue to be the great Dads we are portraying, love to you all!


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