Boy Better Know

Boy Better Know

Boy Better Know

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I made it clear from the outset of my Daddy Diaries journey that I wanted a son. The plan was that he would have to deal with all my daughters poor boyfriend’s and i could be the good dad (of course this could still happen watch this space).

Now with the prospect of having my first son in the next three weeks I am filled with joy, excitement and little bit of fear if I’m completely honest. I mean having a boy to back you up when the football’s on, keep you out of drama and providing that balance of 1 girl and 1 boy is fantastic. Plus having a boy who will protect his mother and his sister no doubt with his life provides me with a sense of security money can’t buy when i’m not around.

In the same respect though its scary. I have to teach him how to be a man a massive job and responsbility. Its made harder given that I am not the trademark alpha male in any way shape or form. I won’t be giving him the traditional parental guide on manhood but I will be teaching right from wrong. I will be teaching him how to be a good man, keep your word, to never raise your hand to a woman, to see the best in people, to take ownership and responsibility for your life and to stand up for your family, friends and loved ones.

2nd born child know you’ll not have it easy with Ashley Roye as your father but Boy Better Know you will never be without love, belief in your ability to make the world a much brighter and better place and that you can achieve all the wishes your young heart desires.

Boy better know I’m ready.

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