Daddy Day Trip: Chessington 2017

Daddy Day Trip: Chessington 2017

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This weekend was truly blessed. I took part in an initiative happily titled ‘100 Fathers’ day trip to Chessington’. The thought immediately excited my friend and I. The following day we signed up and the countdown was on. This event (should it go to plan) was set to be a beautiful thing. I pictured 100 Black Fathers’ walking into Chessington with their children. Visually, it looked beautiful to me and I was about this purpose right now.

Come the day and immediately we knew just how challenging it would be lol  but we stuck through it. Stuck through each tantrum, each indecision and funnily enough, we noticed just how in common our children were. I loved the fact that our group rolled in there and enjoyed themselves. I defo now know that we don’t get the best out of the adventure park experience. Between the 20 minute waits, the lunch and toilet breaks, the walking to find what ride is suitable – 7 hours flew by. We got on 4 rides roughly. As much as we know that for them, running around each other was fun enough; it was still good to witness my boy go on his first ride and seeing that fear and excitement tumble into itself.

As for the initiative? I will definitely be a part of it next year, if you are interested in also attending? contact and let us know!



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