“Daddy, I have a boyfriend”

“Daddy, I have a boyfriend”

“Daddy, I have a boyfriend”

Leyla comes in from the garden last week claiming the “kiddy” next door said he was her “boyfriend.”

Leyla (my 3 year old daughter) has been spending a lot more time in the garden due to the good weather in the last week or so. I arrive home from work, my partner tells me to ask Leyla about who she’s been playing with outside, I ask her, she replies “my boyfriend.” As you can imagine, I was not impressed.

I discuss it with my partner for ages as it did not sit right with me. Leyla tells me it’s her boyfriend, I tell it’s not, she tells me “it is,” I tell her “it is not.” My partner tells me “leave her it’s just harmless” I reply “no, it is not.”

So I spend 20 minutes trying to explain to Leyla that he was just her friend, over protective dad mode right now. My argument is enough, it’s understandable, just harmless and she doesn’t know what a boyfriend is, but there is nothing wrong in explaining what a friend actually is to her. i.e. someone you play with in the garden etc.

Anyways, I eventually forgot about this incident and did not mention it, then today, the kid is out playing in the garden, again. My initial reaction is *shit* she can’t go out. No way.

Leyla spots him playing out this evening and asks if she could play out. She then tells me she wants to go tell him that they were just friends. As soon as I heard that I thought *result she listened to what I had said*. When she got ready to go out I told her to just go and play and not to worry about telling him, as long as she knew they were just friends. Leyla says ok. She then goes out and talks to this little “kiddy” over the fence. First thing she says, “hi we are just friends ok”.

I love this kid so much. Makes me proud. But also, made me realise that being a dad of two beautiful girls, is not going to be easy.

Just a little something I wanted to share lol



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