Fearful and Faithful

Fearful and Faithful

Fearful and Faithful

It’s not too long now before myself and my wife meet the little person we’ve been spending the last 7 months or so preparing to welcome. It’s quite amazing how you sit up and pay attention when you’re expecting, how much life has changed for us in terms of positioning in that time and although things will never really be absolutely “perfect” (not even sure what that word even means) I can definitely look back over the course of the last few months and see footsteps in the sand where we’ve seen God move. Trust me when I say “Testimonies abound”.

I legitimately found out we were expecting the very morning we were set to attend the funeral of a dear friend’s parent. It’s not lost on me that as with many of our rites of passage having had both our Mother’s pass on to Glory; a moment that was dripping in so much joy for us also came at the exact same time we were in a somber place for our nearest and dearest. If I’m honest that’s the thing that has been on my mind most frequently, in between just getting in with the stuff that needs doing, the discussions about what we’re going to need, our finances, visiting the Baby Show and spending far too much, horror stories about the realities of labour, baby proofing the apartment…in between those moments has been the contemplation of how fleeting life really is, my very mortality and how little person (A+) is the very legacy we lived for. DEEP! lol

A couple weeks after finding out A+ was coming, my better half was informed she’d be made redundant at work. There are moments where life has a way of smacking you in the face and screaming “Wake Up!”…this was one of them for us. I can laugh now (we’ve both bagged new gigs which improve our situation somewhat), but in that interim period I was introduced to both a fear and unwavering faith I never really knew. I guess that’s going to be a continuing theme as we step into the unknowns of parenthood…continuing to have apprehensions, hope and learn!

That’s followed the wedding my wife organised that we had to bail on midway through to find a hospital in the middle of nowhere. The wife being admitted and us having to spend the night apart! But that’s another story for another day!

What I’ve learned during the course of this time is the idea we have control over life events is a fallacy, and though life throws you curveballs we have a way of coping and getting through. Every time I put my hand on growing bump and feel a kick I’m reminded of that and filled with a sense of purpose.

Spent the last week downsizing the home studio set up and removing it from the spare room. The newly commissioned Nursery is empty now but we’ve made the space in our lives for A+. 2 months to go and amidst the prayers for a safe delivery for both mother and child; I’m über excited at what life has in store for us! Fearful?…much! Faithful?…much more!

Off to see a man about a car!

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