Paradise Reclaimed

Paradise Reclaimed

So as I’d written previously (Check trouble in Paradise below), my son has a Facebook account that at the time I wasn’t monitoring and thus decided to take a peek behind the curtain, and if you can remember that far back? I found some pretty disappointing stuff in there. Messages to girls using language reserved for animals … and what shocked me was that these girls didn’t mind it in the slightest. 

In addition to all of that, I have been in constant contact with his form tutor at school and we discuss his behaviour and academic progress on a bi-monthly basis. At the time when I wrote my last ‘Daddy Diary’ he wasn’t behaving as well as I would have liked but his grades were quite stable – this was to me, still unacceptable!

So what the hell did I do?!

I took my son to one side (being the sofa in the living room) and cussed him out until tears began rolling down his cheeks, it didn’t take very long as I seem to be good with words, especially very loud ones. 
I had to ask him some very serious questions about the direction he wanted his life to be taking and how he was planning on getting there, and if his current attitude towards his teachers let alone young women; was conducive to achieving his goals as a respectable young man. 

I’m trying to recall the length of our talk, but if I was guessing, I’d say we sat on that sofa for well over an hour. I made sure he knew that if he felt it right to be actively flushing his life down the toilet by moulding himself into a ‘turd’, then he wasn’t welcome in my house or my life – yes I said it – I let him know he’d be disowned, point blank, standard procedures, no mucking around and in language he might understand better, we R dun fam!

So let’s roll on a few weeks from that quiet chat [insert sarcasm] on the sofa to almost present day, and the text messages I’ve been receiving from the school about how awesome my son is and how much his work has picked up in general. The latest report card with his grades on was, EPIC! I made sure he knew I was overjoyed and happy at his efforts, because what’s the use of telling someone they need to be outstanding if you’re not going to let them know how fantastic they are?!

All is well currently, or is it? Let’s just say I’ve got another diary entry lined up and this next one is about ‘the talk’ – I know you know what I’m talking about!

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