The Walk

The Walk

The Walk

It was in February on the day of the Chinese new year 2012, I was sitting in the living room with my son, then 11 months, watching some of the celebrations in central London on the TV whilst the wife was asleep.
The week before, he had been helping himself up by using the couches as support to rise to his feet and walk alongside its width. It was evident he had graduated from crawling and wanted some new challenges, and my wife and I were eagerly expecting when we’d see him take the full on plunge but had no joy that week.

I was seated on a couch and he was playing at the feet of another adjacent to mine. He arose and stood by the couch, just looking at me and smiling, saying Da-da, Da-da, repeatedly, so I then asked him ‘What is it Babi?’, and he just continued smiling.

Then he walked to the edge of the couch and then proceeded to cross the space between the couches unaided! I was so amazed, I shouted out ‘Woooooow’ and then started clapping for him. He walked to me with the biggest smile on his face and arms open in anticipation of being cuddled.

I gave him a big hug and kept repeating ‘well done, well done’, followed with all types of exhilarated expressions reflecting my joy in such a special moment. It felt as such because it seemed he had purposefully waited just to show his new founded ability at that moment.
I rushed to wake up my wife for him to repeat this highly anticipated feat and the look of joy on our faces clearly spurred him on as we spent close to an hour observing the walk of fame form one couch to the other and back again.

3 years old now and he still maintains the same routine of ensuring he has an audience before showing off his capabilities- whether its learning his alphabets or numbers, and it still remains a moment of sheer joy and delight.

Dalian Adofo



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