Ok so, I turn up at my missus house and my daughter is well happy to see me, so I say hello to her, give her all the cuddles, even brought her a ripple chocolate that melted in my inside pocket but yeah lol.

So I have a chat with the missus as I don’t live with her yet, asking the usual “how was your day, how has Tianna-Leigh been“? and got answers.

As I’m doing all of this, Tianna is asking me to come with her, but at the time I was talking to her mum. Anyway, I finally finished the *daddy as soon as u get there chores* –_____– (Peeling potatoes) *sigh* etc etc… and decide to follow my daughter.

She brings me into the front room and say “bell daddy, bell daddy” in her terms she means “Tinkerbell”. Only because you love em lol, I swear I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this film, that and Iggle ‘bloody’ piggle, Mr Tumble I’m sure you’re aware of him. Anyway, I decide to put the film on, she runs and gets her iggle piggle teddy and begins to watch it. Believe me, when she sits to watch a film, she doesn’t move or speak, there is an unbelievable communication breakdown.

I’m in my element, hard day at work, how nice is it to come see your missus and chill watching a little cartoon with your child. All of a sudden, after approx 20 mins she gets up and just walks off *shrugs* no bye, no come on daddy, nothing, LOL. I was quiet upset tbh(to be honest) lol but you know, #DaddyDiaries ay.


By Nathan Briggs
Location: UK
Twitter – @NathanDrizzy

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