Dream  Check Up

Dream  Check Up

Dream  Check Up

Roye Family Oct 2018

My birthday just passed about a month a ago now. Whether I like it or not and regardless of whether age is just a number or not it always seems like a prime opportunity to take a look at where I am at. How close am I to these dreams and ambitions that I set for myself in life, career, marriage and fatherhood?

The age that I am, there was only ever one family that I aspired for my family to be like when I got older, it was always about the Huxtables. Don’t get me wrong I loved Desmonds in fact I have so much more in common with that father given my West Indian roots and South London upbringing and of course we all love the Banks family in Bel Air with the crazy nephew from Philly. But The Cosby Show planted seeds within me that were watered every time I watched an episode. The other shows definitely helped those seeds grow but really they just reinforced the ambitions the Huxtables had given me.

The Huxtables appeared to have it all. Wonderful house, 5 fantastic children, good careers and a method of parenting that just always seems to have this perfect balance of discipline and humour smothered in love. When I looked at Cliff Huxtable I saw dad. He bears no resemblance to my father and their careers were completely different yet I still see Dad in that character. Why?

Here’s the thing its not about the material things. The house, the car, the lifestyle none of that. it’s about the values. It’s about being everything a good father should be. it’s about how you make them feel. That’s why when I see Cliff Huxtable I see Dad, the values are there .

I know my career and finances could be much further advanced and are not where I thought they would be. I always have to work on being a better husband that’s just being real.  But when I see the smile and I hear the call for daddy when I walk through the door I know I’m on the right path showing my children those values and in the process of achieving those dreams.

PS Yes I can’t wait to come home and asked Lauren “how ugly is he?” when Maya brings a boyfriend’s home if you don’t know… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCkl6fBmYtk

PPS This is not the forum to comment on Bill Cosby and his actions, this is about fatherhood and the character Cliff Huxtable.

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