Girl boy girl boy….

Girl boy girl boy….

Girl boy girl boy….

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” (yes I’m hoping for a boy, I’ll have a daughter in a couple years time please)”

Those were my words in my very first Daddy Diary post. I sit here typing as a very proud and happy father of a beautiful, intelligent and courageous daughter who brings me joy everyday. I really couldn’t have hoped for anything more.

The idea always was that by having the boy first I would have someone to help me out dealing with my daughter’s poor boyfriend choices in later life more than anything else. I can’t say i’ve had a massive desire to have a son but I don’t think any father can say that there isn’t an instinct to want a boy. To have someone carry your mantle into the next generation and play your role. But again if I’ve learnt anything over the last couple of years it’s that I’m happy with any child I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with.

So a couple of years time is here and as I type this as my 2 year old first born daughter sleeps in the next room in less then 10 hours I will find out what sex my second born child shall be. How am I feeling? If I’m honest I feel blessed it’s been a healthy pregnancy to date it’s just the kind of age gap in wanted between my children and I am fulfilling something I know I was born to do. But those that know keep asking the questions…What’s it gonna be? You want a boy right? You know it’s gonna be a girl don’t you? Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Boy, girl, boy, girl…

A boy would bring balance no doubt and give me someone to back me up in arguments in the house, watch football with and perhaps irrate some of Maya’s potential boyfriends (result).

A girl on the other hand gives Maya a sister who I’m sure will irrate each other endlessly but i have no doubt with myself and Lauren’s guidance become the best of friends long term. No doubt a house full of women will mean very little peace and quiet for me but if I play my role right I’ll never be short of love and caring affection that comes from a daughter (result).

Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy…. There’s no preference this time, no bold predictions other than this child will be surrounded by love when they enter this world and I am so lucky to be given the opportunity to be their father. I pray I do not let them down daughter or son.

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