My girl

My girl

My girl

Maya at 4

Every evening I walk through the door and as soon as he lays his brown eyes on me he points and calls “Dada”. What generally follows (if he is out of the bath that is) is a run to me, arms open – I lift him up and he rests his head on my shoulder. Giving me the most exquisite cuddle patting my back. He soon drops down and is off! going back to whatever he was doing before.

Maya is a little more reserved. Don’t get me wrong, there are still odd moments when she’ll act a little more her age, call Dad-dddy and greet me with an identical running hug but since around Christmas time I’ve been getting “Dad” a lot more. A change is afoot… I’m not too sure how much longer I can call her a “little” girl.

My girl turns 4 in February and I feel the change with every interaction. Looking at her physically should be the more obvious sign of change and growth, but generally you don’t notice it. I mean they change before your eyes but it’s only when you look back at pictures that you can truly appreciate the growth and how much they change. The more obvious sign for me is that we talk now. When I hear her say “Dad” I know there is a question coming. Not a “can I have that …“question (that would generally be a Daddy call) but a…

“Dad Jasmine wears this dress, but where is she? What is it called?”
“It’s Agrabah dear.”
“Ok Dad but what is her name?”
“No but she has a different name there?”
“erm no Maya her name is Jasmine. It’s just one name.”
“Ok Dad.”

I mean I have no idea where the apparent vast imagination within her mind is taking her and how these random questions are forming but we are having these random conversations and I just love it. She does still struggles to recite what she has done over the course of the day so there is still some development to come but it is crazy that we are now having these chats. It makes me smile, it fills me with joy I just love it. Even when I come home with a fresh hair cut and she says…

“Dad what did you do?”
“What do you mean?”
“You cut your hair why? I don’t like it. I liked your curls why did you cut it?”
“I don’t know I think it looks quite nice.”
“No Dad.”

I still can’t not smile and love it despite getting ripped! She has opinions and thoughts of her own that she can now communicate. 4 Years old she is growing so quickly and developing brilliantly. Slowly but surely she will no longer be my little girl but my girl. The time is certainly flying but I am enjoying the journey.

Happy Birthday Maya thanks for 4 amazing years being your father here’s to many more.


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