Since I last wrote… my favourite things

Since I last wrote… my favourite things

Since I last wrote… my favourite things

Maya Cornwall Smile

So my baby girl is a baby no more. Very much a toddler that day by day is becoming a little girl.

She is growing into her character. Without a doubt there is an independent and stubborn streak within her that I’m sure will cause a couple of issues for me as her father in years to come. Ultimately though I think it will keep her in good stead and I hope it will lead to her travelling the world in pursuit of her dreams.

Those attributes always come to my mind first when people ask me about her. My instinct is to grin and say she’s trouble but i’m having to check myself. For one, i’m not looking to portray my daughter in any kind of negative light and secondly, she is a happy little soul. Her smile is never far away. It’s my second favourite thing about her. She has this wonderful happy nature, ready to play and interact with people and children around her. Hardly trouble at all.

As the crawling turns to walking and the walking to running she continues to knock off the milestones. As Daddy (typical man) I do not note down the times and places of each landmark moment in her life. I guess some of it comes with not being there as much as her mum and grandmother, you generally miss the “firsts”. A simple thing like her reaching up and pulling on the door handle that I get excited about and run in to tell mummy about only for her to quickly inform me that she was doing that last week (vibe killed). It is was it is and it end of the day but it does end up leaving me not taking as much note of when those first things happen like my favourite thing about her.

I can’t remember the first time she called me Daddy. There had been plenty of dadas and da’s (even a cheeky funny afternoon of Ash-eee) but I wasn’t accepting that I wanted Daddy. I get it all the time now and there is no better feeling then walking through the door and hearing “Daddy home” and her marching over to greet me with a cheeky chuckle.

So since I last wrote… being called Daddy is my favourite thing about my daughter. Love it.

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